Fearful Dog Hiding In Rescue’s Bathroom For Days Reveals The Biggest Secret


Nyx was one of 23 dogs who lived all alone on some property in the Austin area, just waiting to be saved.

However, when Nyx was brought to her new home, her rescuers found out that she was hiding an adorable little secret.

New Home

black and white dog curled up in the corner
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Unfortunately, because this pup had spent so much time isolated, away from human contact, she didn’t really know how to act in her new environment.

As soon as she entered the house, she decided to hide in the bathroom, shutting away the outside world.

“That first night, she didn’t move. That was, like, her safe space for pretty much the entire time that I had her,” said Rachel, her foster.

Rachel tried her very best to show Nyx that there was nothing to be afraid of.

She brought her yummy snacks and spent time with her, talking in a calm and sweet voice and hoping that Nyx would come out of her hiding place.

Unfortunately, this plan didn’t quite work out.

black and white dog hiding
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The first two to three days were really tough because I realized that she did not want to interact with me.

Nine days had passed since Nyx’s rescue and she still didn’t want to leave her little hiding place or eat in front of Rachel.

However, Rachel was extremely happy when she saw that Nyx decided to have a little snack which she prepared for her.

And then finally one day, she, like, inched out just a little bit and grabbed it. I never thought we would get to that day.

dog sniffing a piece of food
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Little Secret

Since Nyx was so skittish and shy, Rachel never actually saw her stand up on her paws, and therefore, never saw her body fully.

But then, one day, Rachel noticed that Nyx’s belly was really big, even though she hadn’t been eating that well.

After deciding to take her to the vet, she was left shocked.

an x-ray of the dog
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Nyx was carrying eight little puppies in her belly.

As soon as Rachel found out about this incredible news, she knew that she had to find the soon-to-be mama a nice, warm home.

When Rachel’s friend, Bobbi, heard about this adorable little pup, she knew she had to help.

Not too long had passed and Nyx gave birth to the most adorable litter ever.

three newborn puppies sleeping on a little girl
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Unfortunately, her puppies had been diagnosed with a severe case of hookworm, resulting in five puppies passing away.

“Those three puppies that she had are now in their forever homes,” said Bobbi.

Nyx came out of her shell, going from a pup who didn’t allow anybody to touch her to one who adores being cuddled.

little girl petting the dog's head
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Bobbi’s children love spending time with Nyx, especially reading her as many stories as they can.  

My two daughters will actually read to her. She’ll put her head down on her paws and just listen to them.

little girl holding a book and a dog lying next to her
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Final Word

As much as Nyx loosened up around her new hoomans, she still has a long way to go.

My hope is that she’ll get more comfortable with us. Eventually, once we’re able to get her to interact with other people, then she’ll be able to find her forever home.

But, being such an adorable pup who, unfortunately, has been through a lot, I am sure that she will leave her past behind and start living a life full of love and adoration.